Many large multinational businesses and SMEs have taken advantage of the benefits that solar panels offer for industrial roofing systems. Solar panels have become one of the most effective ways for businesses to make financial savings in the long run, and their value extends much farther than cash savings. 

From lowering energy bills to becoming a ‘greener’ business, we wanted to look at why exactly these are a great investment for your industrial roofing system…

Effortlessly energy efficient

By choosing to invest in solar panels for your industrial roof, you’ll also be investing in more effective, long-term energy efficiency and security. Solar panels are ideal for effortlessly producing energy using sunlight, so even though there are upfront costs, you’ll soon be saving each month once the system is in place. 

A solar panel system could produce the majority of the energy your building requires, meaning your energy bills will be extremely low. Energy security is also something that’s becoming more of an issue with traditional energy sources. Solar panels allow you to effectively have a backup energy source in place should an unfortunate scenario occur.

Crucially cost saving

Of course the energy efficiency you’ll gain from having solar panels installed on your industrial roofing system means you’ll save on costs in the long run. This is especially true if your business has a particularly high energy usage.

The cost of energy saving you can gain from installing solar panels can work out to around 5p per kWh, which can work out to quite a significant saving when compared to the current energy prices from the national grid. 

Environmentally friendly

One of the most obvious benefits of installing solar panels on your industrial roofing system is it can significantly help reduce your business’ carbon footprint. Of course the reason for this is that you’ll be harnessing more energy from sunlight as opposed to using fossil fuels. By investing in solar panels, your business will be contributing to a cleaner, more stable future.

With an abundance of benefits to offer your business it can be hugely advantageous to invest in solar panels for your industrial roof, especially if you’re looking to cut costs and reduce your carbon footprint. So, if you’re interested in solar pv panels, our expert team can answer any questions or queries you may have about making the switch – don’t hesitate to get in touch today.